Bare Roots

Glow Box

Each box promotes an organic ritual that is simple, luxurious, and results orientated. Treat yourself this season and receive a FREE Organic Perfume roller (valued at $49) to use anytime you want to feel grounded & nurtured.


Save $52.50 


Facial Tool Kit

WHY ROSE QUARTZ? It is known as the universal stone of love with heart healing properties. As it is a crystal, it releases energetic vibrations that focus on not only removing negative emotions but significantly improving stagnant blood flow and blockages that can lead to congestion or dullness in the skin. For this reason, we recommend recharging your tools in the sun from time to time to release energetic build-up. 

Wholesome Beauty Tea 28g

Our Wholesome Beauty Tea was created with healthy skin in mind. This antioxidant-rich blend will have you feeling relaxed & centered. As well as helping to boost your immunity and fight inflammation.

Omega oil

Replenish and maintain healthy levels of essential fatty acids in your skin for optimal barrier protection and function.

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