Bare Roots

Winter Wonderskin

Baby its cold outside but let's stay hydrated with...

Our Winter Wonderskin trio bundle:

- Herbal Mist
- Omega Oil
- Flora Cream

$169 (save $28)

When it comes to dehydration and skin dryness it is integral to tackle it with both watery rich based ingredients as well as oil rich ingredients. The Herbal Mist will act as a super hydrator for the lower reservoirs in the skin whilst the Omega Oil will help to replenish essential fats and prevent water loss occurring through the day/night.

The Flora Cream acts as a natural barrier all whilst drip feeding highly vitaminic botanicals into the skin for ultimate rejuvenation through the drier months. 

Want to round out this trio to a complete skin regime? It pairs beautifully with our gentle cleansing milk.

Offer ends August 31st 2022

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