Bare Roots

Rejuve Box

Each box promotes an organic ritual that is simple, luxurious, and results orientated. Treat yourself this season and receive a FREE Organic Perfume roller (valued at $49) to use anytime you want to feel grounded & nurtured.


  • Organic Perfume 10ml (FREE Gift valued at $49)

Save $74


Gentle Foaming Cleanser

An all-skin types foaming cleanser that gently and thoroughly removes makeup and impurities without over washing the skin. Contains potent antioxidants to help feed the skin and clarify the skin's complexion.

Curative serum

An intensely rejuvenating serum, naturally high in essential vitamins needed for a healthy cell cycle. Contains a botanically derived vitamin to jump-start cell turnover.

Microneedling Facial Roller 0.3mm

Microneedling has been used to safely and effectively rejuvenate the skin with no downtime. Our roller is certified for health & safety for your reassurance. It is silicone coated for a mattified feel, comes in its own sterile packaging and gorgeous gift box with clear instructions.  

Microflora+ Algae Mask 28g

A restorative peel-off mask combines the skin benefit of yoghurt with the prebiotic activity of inulin, a vegetable fructose polysaccharide derived from chicory. This helps to restore microbial balance in the skin along with aligning to bind moisture and boost the skin's metabolism.

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