Bare Roots

Gua Sha Spoon



Made 100% from Rose Quartz, this Gua Sha spoon is a uniquely shaped tool is designed to deeply release isolated spots of tension & encourage lymphatic drainage. The smaller point can effectively target acupressure points that may otherwise be difficult to treat with a larger Gua Sha tool or roller. The spoon side can sculpt smaller regions such as below the eyes, the cheek bones and brow bone. 


  • On a clean, bare face, apply 4-5 drops of Bare Roots Omega Oil. Note that each movement below should be repeated for 3-5 passes alongside deep breathing to initiate relaxation.

  • Using the rounded spoon side, gently glide the Gua Sha from the base of the neck upwards to the chin. Then back down from the chin to the base of the neck. This will assist in activating lymphatic drainage to remove toxins. 

  • Next begin below your jawline moving outwards from your chin to your ear. This movement will help to contour the jaw & relieve jaw tension.

  • Continue these same movements up your cheek, always starting from the centre of the face and gliding outwards.

  • Gently glide the spoon under the eyes beginning from the tear duct to the temple. Remember to always support the skin with your other hand

  • Work the entire forehead but starting at the brows and gliding upwards towards the hair line. Finish off by then draining from the centre of the forehead and down to the base of your neck.

  • Now use the smaller end of the tool to work on acupressure points such as the third eye, around the brow bone, temples, sinus, ears and jaw or areas holding alot of tension. Do this with small, slow circular motions working deeper into these trigger points.

  • Repeat this practice daily or at least 3 times a week and ensure to hydrate with water or herbal tea

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