Bare Roots

Rose Quartz Facial Tool Kit


Why Rose Quartz?

It is known as the universal stone of love with heart healing properties. It is a crystal, it releases energetic vibrations that focus on not only removing negative emotions but significantly improving stagnant blood flow and blockages that can lead to congestion or dullness in the skin. For this reason, we recommend recharging your tools in the sun from time to time to release energetic build up.

Roller Benefits

  • Eliminates toxic wastes via lymphatic drainage Improves stagnation & congestion in the skin due to improvements in blood circulation.
  • Sculpts the natural contours of your face by eliminating puffiness or fluid build up.
  • Encourages healthy skin renewal via improvements in blood flow & waste build up.

Gua Sha Benefits

  • Stimulates blood Circulation to bring more Oxygen to the skin, clearing away toxins & impurities.
  • De-puffs the face by releasing built-up fluid retention via lymphatic drainage.
  • Can improve the appearance of dark circles as circulation increases.

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