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Rose Quartz Gua Sha & Facial Roller Tool Kit


Why Rose Quartz?

It is known as the universal stone of love with heart healing properties. As it is a crystal, it releases energetic vibrations that focus on not only removing negative emotions but significantly improving stagnant blood flow and blockages that can lead to congestion or dullness in the skin. For this reason, we recommend recharging your tools in the sun from time to time to release energetic build up.

Rose Quarts Facial Roller Benefits

  1. Eliminates toxic wastes via lymphatic drainage, which improves stagnation & congestion in the skin due to improvements in blood circulation.
  2. Sculpts the natural contours of your face by eliminating puffiness or fluid build-up.
  3. Encourages healthy skin renewal via improvements in blood flow & decrease in waste build-up.

    Rose Quartz Gua Sha Benefits

    1. Stimulates blood circulation to bring more oxygen to the skin, clearing away toxins & impurities.
    2. De-puffs the face by releasing built-up fluid retention via lymphatic drainage.
    3. Can improve the appearance of dark circles as circulation increases.

      Rose Quartz Gua Sha & Facial Roller

      Dedicated to creating innovative skincare from the earth’s roots, our range of exclusive rose quartz Gua Sha beauty tools have been specially designed to achieve professional results in the comfort of your home. Combining the universal healing properties of rose quartz crystal energy, with the therapeutic benefits of traditional Gua Sha massage, our range of Bare Roots Beauty Tools are the perfect addition to enhance any skin care regime.

      Rejuvenate your skin with Facial Rolling

      Say goodbye to dull skin, with our rose quartz roller. This non-invasive beauty tool works to eliminate toxins from beneath the skin and boost blood circulation, resulting in more radiant, healthy looking skin. As part the toolkit range, you can buy the rose quartz face roller online from the Bare Roots store. Discover the countless benefits of facial rollers, as each treatment sculpts your natural facial contours, leaving puffy skin and fluid build-up as a thing of the past. Oh, and leave your rose quartz roller in the fridge prior to use, it will provide a cooling jolt to your skin when rolling, helping to de-puff the face - one of the fantastic benefits of using our rose quartz roller!

      Discover the healing properties of Gua Sha

      Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique, offering an alternative natural therapy that promotes increased circulation during advanced facial therapies. By revitalising energy within the body, the massaging technique of Gua Sha reduces inflammation, further encouraging the healing process. The Bare Roots rose quartz facial roller toolkit harnesses the Gua Sha technique to produce optimum results in your own home.

      At Bare Roots, we believe that through knowledge, women are empowered to make decisions that will positively enhance their greater sense of wellness. Through developing an understanding of how best to nurture your skin, you will begin to build a foundation of tools that will allow you to achieve your ultimate skin goals. The holistic healing properties of Gua Sha and facial rollers can assist in the treatment on many underlying skin issues. For more information about the ethically conscious range of Bare Roots products or to buy Gua Sha online, be sure to visit our extensive and thoughtfully crafted online shop.

      Our Rose Quartz Gua Sha Toolkits

      At Bare Roots, we are committed to formulating a range of skin solutions that align with the Cosmos Standard – an internationally harmonised standard for natural skincare products. Continuing with this commitment, we proudly supply the innovative rose quartz facial roller and Gua Sha in Australia, which enhances your skincare routine and boosts the natural properties of our organic and all-natural skincare products.

      Through adopting a holistic approach to health and beauty, the Bare Roots Beauty Tools range encompasses products which embrace unique healing combinations. Discover more information about rose quartz Gua Sha online or discuss your individual needs with a member of our dedicated team to find the perfect product for achieving your skin goals.

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