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Organic Skincare Wholesale for Practitioners & Stockists

Bare Roots offers wholesale organic professional skincare products for practitioners and stockists in Australia/NZ. Stockist Benefits

We partner with skin therapists and wellness professionals who align with our core values of authenticity, transparency & innovation and who want to offer simple, luxurious & eco-conscious products

Stockist Benefits

• 100% Markup

• Complementary Marketing Material

• Ongoing Support from a Bare Roots BDM

• 24/7 Access to Online Training

• Complementary Use of Stunning Visual Content for Marketing

• Private Facebook Support Group with Likeminded Stockists

• In Clinic Support (Melbourne based)

• Sales & Business Strategy Support

Why Bare Roots?

Bare Roots is an Australian Certified Organic Company, that resolves a wide range of skin concerns through its multi functional, gentle & results driven approach. Bare Roots simple and effective methodology, focuses on barrier health to ensure the skin can function in the most balanced state possible.

The Australian Made & Owned company, was created by a Dermal Therapist & Cosmetic Chemist for skin professionals who want to transition into results driven organic skincare & capture a wider demographic of clients. Bare Roots is a price conscious brand which allows for a variety of customers to access premium grade skincare.

Enquire to Become a Stockist of Bare Roots

Bare Roots supplies certified organic skincare to value aligned beauty salons, clinics, spa's & wellness stores.
Please note stockist eligibility requires you to have a background & formal qualification in skin or other complementary therapy.

Supermarkets / Pharmacies / Clothing Stores / Other Non-Beauty or Health Related Businesses

Disclaimer: As a Bare Roots stockist you will have complete support from our Business Development Manager along with online formal training, stunning visual marketing material, 100% mark up on wholesale products & many other stockist perks. A partnership requires a minimum open order to create a wholesale account, additionally a minimum annual spend is required to maintain these stockist perks. We do not recommend proceeding with an enquiry if you are unable to fulfil this commitment.

Please submit your details via the below form and we will send you a copy of our Brand Media Kit, full of information about becoming a Stockist with Bare Roots. Please keep an eye on your inbox (and junk box) to receive an email from us.

Skin Transformations

With Bare Roots Skincare

“I’ve worked with over 8 skincare ranges and seen the challenges people experience with an overload of synthetic ingredients and sensitives due to harsh ingredients and the use of fragrances. I wanted a range that I could offer to clients who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea and acne; something that was natural but still potent and active enough to be able to get the results I wanted to achieve without stripping the skin. Something to nourish and protect the skin, but with a company that was environmentally friendly and sustainable. Someone with the same values as myself. It was by accident I stumbled across Bare Roots and I instantly knew that was the range I wanted. Suzanne's values and vision for Bare Roots completely aligned with everything I believe in. She too wanted a range that was natural, organic and environmentally sustainable that packed a punch and truly worked. I am so grateful to have found Bare Roots and to be a stockist.”

Nova Aesthetics

"When Bare Roots skin care range first came out, I was intrigued. What attracted me to get Bare Roots range in my clinic is the quality of plant-based ingredients, its versatility, and the fact its certified organic. I find that clients are more aware and educated of what they are putting on their skin and more environmentally cautious. I wanted to bring in range that will tick all those boxes but also deliver the results.Most of the products are Aloe Vera based instead of water which I have not seen other companies do and it is such a game changer for impaired skin barrier and for clients who suffer from dermatitis and rosacea. As a rosacea suffer the whole range has helped my skin than any other skin care products could not do in such short time.Since started carrying Bare Roots range it has been extremely popular amongst my clients as 90% of them had poor functioning skin post lockdown."

Boutique Beauty

"We love Bare Roots products as they are a really great fit for our business model. We were drawn to Bare Roots because of its ingredients and formulation of acceptance within the body. It's amazing for impaired barriers as we were finding lots of our clients have over treated their skin. Bare Roots is in a class of its own, i haven't found another product that is so accepted by the body and so effective in getting our clients the results they are looking for."

Nova Aesthetics
Boutique Beauty

We partner with businesses and stockists around Australia to supply skincare products through wholesale channels. This is an excellent opportunity to update your existing stock list with an Australian certified organic company. Our cleansers are suitable for all skin types, providing a gentle cleanse to calm irritated and dry skin while also removing impurities and makeup. These cleansers are packed with plant-sourced anti-inflammatories, vitamins and antioxidants that help restore the skin.

We stock:
- Gentle foam cleanser
- Gentle milk cleanser
- Box sets (1 & 2)

Our range of organic skincare wholesale supplies come in bundles, for a full 2 month cleaning regime, or as individual products. These products are clay-based exfoliants with plant and bamboo enzymes that help gently remove rough textures on the surface of your cells. Our exfoliators are rich in anti-inflammatories, minerals, natural lipids and silica that help heal the skin without over-exfoliating.

We stock:
- Bamboo enzyme peel
- Box sets

Our box sets contain organic professional skincare products for everyday Australian’s to use in their own home. The complete box sets include five different products to help tackle a different aspect of your skin routine. We also offer specialised box sets such as the facial tool kit or the microneedle bundle to help tackle specific skin problems.

We stock:
- Box sets
- Facial tool kit & omega oil bundle
- Microneedle roller + vital cream bundle

Skincare for professional use is more than just what we put on our bodies, it’s what we put in our bodies as well. The wholesome beauty tea was specifically developed to promote healthy skin. This is done through an antioxidant-rich blend that boosts your immunity and fights off inflammation. Feel rejuvenated, relaxed and more centred with this delicious wholesome tea.

We stock:
- Wholesome beauty tea

We stock skincare products for wholesale, which includes our moisturiser range. The vital cream is an excellent first aid cream that calms and heals inflamed skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and dermatitis. The flora cream contains active ingredients such as bakuchiol, ceramides, antarcticine and prebiotics to stimulate cell renewal, repair damaged cells and moisturise the skin.

We stock:
-Vital cream
-Flora cream
-Box sets

Discover a new range of organic skincare wholesale supplies with our rejuvenator products. These products are designed to intensely rejuvenate and replenish your skin with healthy levels of fatty acids and essential minerals.

We stock:
-Curative serum
-Facial tool kit and omega oil bundle
-Herbal mist
-Omega oil
-Box sets

Poor quality skincare tools deteriorate quickly and can be harsh on your skin. Our skincare tools are for professional and home use. They are made to last by using high-quality materials proudly chosen by facialists. Our facial rollers, gua sha tools and microneedle rollers are built to withstand extensive use and provide longevity.

We stock:
-Facial tool kit & omega oil bundle
-Microneedle roller + vital cream bundle
-Microneedling facial roller (0.3 mm)
-Rose quartz gua sha and facial roller tool kit
-Rose quartz gua sha tool