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Australian skincare from earth's roots


Suzanne is a Dermal Therapist and Cosmetic Chemist who currently runs a holistic skin clinic on the Mornington Peninsula. With over 10 years in the skin industry, it has instilled vital skills, knowledge and valuable exposure to a vast array of skin conditions.

Bare Roots has been developed not only from the inspiration Suzanne has drawn from her client exposure, learning their wants, needs and barriers around skincare but also the drive to create a brand of difference. With environmental sustainability, innovation & transparency as core values, Bare Roots mission is to create more meaning & change when it comes to beauty.

"We believe people deserve to use products that support not only ones wellness but other pillars of health and sustainability"


With a vision to enhance lives through simplicity & innovation, Bare Roots offers a gentle & effective range of certified organic skincare products to support even the most troublesome, poor functioning skin. Founded by an Australian Dermal Therapist & Cosmetic Chemist, specialising in an extensive range of cosmetic skin conditions; including acne, dermatitis, rosacea, sun damage and ageing.


Resolving skin issues through result driven, organic & environmentally conscious skincare products

By reconnecting with our roots, we can create a healthy lifestyle and beauty routine that will allow us to flourish, both inside and out. By taking skincare back to basics, you will discover the unique healing properties of nature, found only in the purest of ingredients.

Bare Roots skincare is available for personal and professional use. We provide individuals and skin practitioners with the choice of high performing but gentle skincare solutions that won't compromise skin health in order to gain a result. Boost your skins integrity and redefine your glow with enriching facial oils, healing moisturisers, corrective serums and nourishing cleansers, suitable for all skin types and conditions. It is multifunctional skincare at it's best!

Australian made & owned with the seal of approval being certified organic, you can feel assured that you are using quality plant botanicals in its purest form along with the potency to yield long lasting results.

Organic Skincare Australia
We stock a wide range of organic skincare that is Australian-made and owned. These organic beauty products found online are toxin-free, affordable and simplistic

Our range includes: 

1. Cleansers

2. Exfoliators

3. Box Sets

4. Internal (body) support

5. Masks

6. Moisturisers

7. Rejuvenators

8. Skincare Tools

Natural beauty products don’t have to cost a fortune. Our products are rich with essential fatty acids and bio-compatible lipids that support your skin’s natural barrier defence. These are natural skincare products for everyone — with multifunctional abilities suited for all skin types — all while being environmentally conscious and safe.

Our Hero ingredients include:

Aloe Vera;

We use an aloe vera base, instead of water. In turn, aloe vera helps restore dry skin, reduce eczema, psoriasis and inflammatory acne.

Bio-Compatible Lipids;

Our lipid-based formula ensures better skin hydration for prolonged periods while also offering rapid skin barrier replenishment. 

Natural Cosmeceuticals;

The use of Davidson’s plum, green tea, Kakadu plum and moth bean extract promotes clear, firm and glowing skin. These ingredients target specific skin conditions to give fast-acting results. 

Essential Fatty Acids;

Omega 3, 6 and 9 play a vital role in the skin’s inflammatory response. These fatty acids are also responsible for the appearance, feel, texture and softness of the skin while also providing a natural barrier. 


Avocado, chamomile, tamanu and zinc are excellent anti-inflammatories that provide natural sun protection and moisturises the skin.

Natural Beauty Products Online

Interested in our omega oil, gentle milk cleanser or perhaps vital cream? Let our happy customers tell you how these products reduce inflammation, clean up, and nourish their skin.

COSMOS-Certified Natural Skincare

Bare Roots is proud to be COSMOS-certified by offering genuine organic and natural cosmetics that are put through the highest feasible sustainability practices for you to buy in Australia. Every item we stock has been produced at the highest standard to ensure it is safe and effective for you to use.