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Suzanne is a Dermal Therapist & currently runs a holistic skin clinic on the Mornington Peninsula. With 10 years in the skin industry, it has instilled vital skills, knowledge and valuable exposure to a vast array of skin conditions. Bare Roots has been developed from the inspiration Suzanne has drawn from her client exposure, learning their wants, needs and barriers around skincare. Taking a more gentle, supportive approach to treating skin, consumers and skin professionals can feel confident that each product was carefully curated to respect the skin's integrity and function.

“Bare Roots evolved when I got to a point in my Dermal career where I felt my beliefs around skincare had changed. Taking a more holistic, natural and supportive approach to our largest organ, I was driven to create a nurturing line of advanced Australian Certified Organic products that ticked all my boxes (and what I felt  many clients boxes) when it came to finding the perfect skincare fit.”

These boxes were:

✓ Toxin Free

✓ Australian Made & Owned

✓ Affordability

✓ Simplicity

✓ Gentle but effective


Through passion and education you are able to reveal the power that lies beneath healthy, radiant skin. Taking the time to provide your skin with the nourishment it deserves allowing a centered balance within. Understanding your skin is the first step to overcoming barriers with skin issues. The team of dedicated professionals at Bare Roots aim to provide the education and support needed to better understand the importance of what goes into your skincare product and therefore into your skin. Equipped with the strength of knowledge and the passion of mother-nature, everyone can experience a revitalising boost in personal growth and self-confidence.


Resolving skin issues through result driven, organic & environmentally conscious skincare products

By reconnecting with our roots, we can create a healthy lifestyle and beauty routine that will allow us to flourish, both inside and out. By taking skincare back to basics, you will discover the unique healing properties of nature, found only in the purest of ingredients.

Bare Roots skincare is available for personal and professional use, as we offer treatment solutions for skin clinics as well. We provide individuals and skin clinics with the choice of effective but gentle skincare solutions that don’t compromise skin health in order to gain a result. Boost your skins integrity and redefine your glow with enriching facial oils, healing moisturisers, corrective serums and nourishing cleansers, suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Australian made & owned with the seal of approval being certified organic, you can feel assured that your using quality plant botanicals in its purest form and potency to yield long lasting results.

Bare Roots can support and empower you throughout your journey to achieving your skin goals, whether that be Acne, Rosacea, Dermatitis, Ageing or general skin health.




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