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Interview with Professional Beauty Magazine

Interview with Professional Beauty Magazine

May 17, 2021Suzanne Smedley

“There was a gap in the beauty industry for organic skincare targeted at skin professionals.”

Australian skincare brand Bare Roots is making a name for itself with organic products aimed to help simplify professional organic facials and skin treatments.
Bare Roots Organic Australian Skincare

Professional Beauty recently chatted with Founder and Developer of Bare Roots Australia Suzanne Smedley. If you haven’t heard of this COSMOS-certified organic Australian brand, born on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, you will soon enough. The brand calls it “skincare from earth’s roots” and it came into being in the months leading up to the Covid-19 pandemic, navigating it with surprising ease. It looks set to expand at speed in 2021 and beyond, with new products targeted to the skincare professional (and consumer with a D2C website) looking to create a more organic, sustainable treatment menu and retail skincare offering.

PB: Tell us a bit about what it was like doing business in the beauty sector in 2020 and launching a brand right before a pandemic!

“It was actually a blessing in disguise as it gave clinics the opportunity to sell skincare through their online store during closure. With clients re-evaluating their spends, clinics found customers were seeking more cost-effective solutions. Bare Roots bridged this gap perfectly as it meant clients were saving money but still maintaining (if not improving) their results. Our family of stockists grew exponentially during Covid.”

PB: And what made you want to launch the brand?

“I felt there was a gap in the beauty industry for organic skincare targeted at skin professionals. As a dermal therapist I had a fair idea of what therapists were looking in a product range but were unable to find. There is definitely a movement towards Australian-made, organic skincare but it’s time we see more performance-driven lines be introduced for treating therapists. Whilst cosmeceuticals are fantastic, they can come with a hefty price tag. I was determined to create a range that was financially sustainable in the long-term so clients never had to sacrifice their regular facials.”

PB: What was the process like?

“Meeting organic certification is tough. There’s a long list of criteria that needs to be met. It can also be restricting when it comes to the selection of ingredients you can work with. I however loved the challenge and found the process to be quite rewarding.”

PB: Tell us a bit about your formulations

“Bare Roots is a very simple, uncomplicated skincare line. I’ve intentionally kept it small. However, in order to do this I had to ensure each formula targeted the basic requirements for skin health. These are: pH neutral to the skin; fortified with bio-compatible lipids for skin barrier replenishment and microbiome support; anti-inflammatory base (aloe vera not water); enriched with immune-boosting properties and antioxidants for daily protection; rich in essential fatty acid (to combat essential fatty acid deficiency externally).

By meeting the above criteria, it meant all skin conditions would be suited, especially those with compromised skins.” 

PB: What are your hopes for the range?

“I’d love to continue seeing it in the hands of competent skin professionals who share the same beliefs and passions around skin. Although the brand is still young, our goal is for it to be Australia’s leading organic brand for facialists.”

“I will be bringing out back-bar sizing in some of our biggest sellers just for professionals. I am also working on a few new products based on demand.

Suzanne Smedley

PB: Who are these products ideal for?

“Honestly? Everyone including babies and pregnant/breastfeeding women. We have men, women, teens, babies and the elderly using Bare Roots and absolutely thriving on it.”

PB: What are the things that make it stand apart/above from the others?

“Its broad-spectrum functionality and compatibility with all skin conditions…. Bare Roots considers the demands from both consumer and skin professionals. It prioritises the fundamentals of skin health, especially barrier-disordered skin conditions. We’re here to re-educate a back-to-basics approach whilst also breaking this industry stigma that organic skincare does not perform. Our Before & Afters show otherwise.”

PB: How can salons and spas incorporate Bare Roots into their offering and treatments?

“Bare Roots can be introduced both in retail and as a professional treatment. Our Organic Facial offers a unique experience that focuses on lymphatic drainage, reducing inflammation and restoring homeostasis (balance) in the skin.”

PB: What trends do you see happening in the organic/natural beauty space generally?

“I believe natural and organic skincare will begin to make its mark in the professional space. There is so much potential for it to grow and gain the respect it deserves. We’ll also see formulas become more performance-driven, utilising natural cosmeceuticals.”

PB: What are your top tips for people to have a more organic, sustainable skincare routine?

“Don’t be afraid to go back to basics if your skin is misbehaving. Bring it back to a state of balance and work from there. If you are after organic skincare, ensure it is certified. Sadly the industry is saturated with green washing and misleading marketing claims with natural/organic skincare. Using a certified product is the only way to know you are using something authentic and natural. It’s a seal of approval!”

PB: What are your plans for expansion in 2021 and beyond?

“I will be bringing out back-bar sizing in some of our biggest sellers just for professionals. I am also working on a few new products based on demand.

And I am currently working on a professional-only treatment peel and a richer moisturising emulsion that will also act as a massage medium during facials.” 

PB: What advice do you have anyone who wants to launch an organic skincare brand?

“Have a point of difference to other organic brands. Challenge the norm and center it around your personal beliefs around skin.” 

PB: How can salons and spas reach you to speak about stocking/procurement?

“It’s best to submit a stockist enquiry via the website:

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