All about that base

All about that base

Aug 08, 2022Jade Edge

Let’s talk about base ingredients!

Did you know that on the INCI (The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) list that we all see on the back of cosmetic products, the first ingredient listed can make up to 65% of the entire product contents. 🤯

Water acts as a solvent which plays a functional role in a product; however, at large quantities it can leave less room for active beneficial ingredients. Commonly this is seen as an attempt to reduce costs but unfortunately also means it may provide substandard results for your skin.

At Bare Roots, our base ingredient is Aloe Vera, not water. Not only does this make the entire line anti-inflammatory, but it acts as a nutrient-dense delivery system for other botanicals to seep deeper in to the skin.

The Deep Dive

Aloe Vera itself contains over 75 active constituents (including vitamins A, C, D, E & B12, amino acids, minerals & more) which is highly nutritious for the skin. Known for its anti inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera can also provide relief from itching, swelling, bites, burns, dry skin and acne. How does it do this? Well without overwhelming you with too much science; Aloe Vera inhibits the production of reactive molecules. Other active constituents in Aloe Vera work to encourage new tissue growth on a cellular level, making it a fantastic solution for healing burns, or even to support collagen synthesis when wanting to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Aloe’s high antioxidant profile helps to ward off and protect against any free-radical damage that you may experience from sun/radiation exposure.

How is Aloe Vera a more efficient delivery system?

Sinking deep in to the skin 4 times quicker than water, this allows Aloe Vera to provide hydration deep in to the tissue of the skin. This also means that other active ingredients paired with Aloe Vera are carried along in the absorption, taking them further than other base ingredients have the capability to do. The ability to drive well below the skins surface, carrying rich botanical actives, forms part of what makes Aloe Vera the perfect base for us here at Bare Roots. Our passion is to harmonise skin and build strong foundations to support and protect skin through the ages. By utilising Aloe Vera as our base, we are able to offer an anti-inflammatory line to heal, soothe and protect all skin types through whatever condition your skin barrier is in. 

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