Ceramides and why they are important for skin barrier health

Ceramides and why they are important for skin barrier health

Nov 25, 2022Suzanne Smedley

What are ceramides? 
Ceramides are naturally found in your skin's cells and make up a big percentage of your protective barrier. At the core, ceramides are natural lipids (or fats) that are found within the skin and play an important role in how our skin looks. Although as we age the levels of ceramide in the skin starts to diminish, which can be accelerated by environmental damage such as sun damage and free radicals, it is therefore important to replenish the ceramides through topical application to help improve the overall health of your skin and to rebuild the skin’s foundational layer. 

Where do ceramides come from? 
Although animals have natural ceramides like us, don’t worry, the ceramides in skin care products are man made and therefore not made with any animal products. At Bare Roots we’re focused on looking after ourselves, our planet and all the animals we share it with and are happy to say that none of our products have been tested on animals.

Benefits of ceramides
Ceramides have three key functions which are to improve hydration by improving transepidermal water loss, repairing damaged skin that suffers from skin disorders such as dermatitis, rosacea and psoriasis, and to promote skin homeostasis. Some other amazing benefits that come from using ceramides include: 

Treating acne 
Worried about how ceramides may affect your acne-prone skin? Don’t be. This powerful ingredient won’t cause you to break out in fact it can assist in improving the skin barrier function in acne-prone skin which helps improve your overall skin’s immunity and reduce the number of breakouts. 

Reducing the signs of skin ageing 
Ceramides are great for combating signs of ageing, as they work to minimise free radicals in the skin that damage collagen and help to keep your skin supple and deeply moisturised. 

Softening and smoothing the skin
Ceramides work to lock in moisture and prevent it from escaping, therefore your skin will be left feeling soft and hydrated. Hello, glowing complexion!

Improving skin tone
Ceramides assist in preventing the metabolic process that may cause hyperpigmentation and age spots therefore helping improve your overall skin tone. 

Protecting from infection causing germs
Ceramides work to help protect your skin from harmful germs such as bacteria and fungi. This is a benefit for those suffering acne, as acne is caused when the pores of your skin become blocked and bacteria trapped in your pores cause inflammation and infection.  


Are ceramides suitable for sensitive skin? 
Ceramides are suitable for all types of skin as they are naturally already found in the skin and are especially helpful for those with dry skin caused by conditions such as eczema or sensitisation. 

Potential side effects of ceramides

Ceramides do not have any known side effects and they are bio compatible to the skin however to avoid any potential skin irritancy, feel free to test a small amount on your skin first. We recommend doing this by: 

  • Applying a dollar sized amount to the inside of your wrist and waiting a day. 
  • If you find you’re experiencing any redness, irritation or itchiness, wash the area and stop using the product. 
  • If you find after 24 hours you don’t develop any side effects, then it should be safe to continue use. 

How can I incorporate ceramides into my skincare routine? 
If you’re looking to incorporate ceramides into your skincare routine then it may be time to start using the Bare Roots ceramide rich Gentle Milk Cleanser and Vital Cream. These two products are the perfect duo if you’re wanting to improve your skin barrier and reap all of the benefits that ceramides and other active ingredients offer. 

Milk Cleanser 

Our milk facial cleanser is the best option for Australians wanting to gently cleanse and calm their irritated, stressed or dry skin. This formula contains several vitamins and minerals that help with anti-ageing, neutralising free radical damage, and calming the complexion and contains a high amount of ceramides integral for barrier lipid replenishment & support, meaning it does a great job at nourishing dry skin and provides a refreshingly deep clean but without the overstripping or drying after effects.This beautiful milk cleanser made here in Australia boasts multi functionality and can be used as a leave-on nutritive mask or as a massage emulsion for facial massage. 

Tip: for extra slip & nourishment we recommend dripping in 3-4 drops of Omega Oil.

Vital Cream
This first aid cream is packed full of ceramides to help calm and heal inflammatory skin conditions and assist with general skin maintenance and healthy ageing with powerful active ingredients such as zinc, boswelia, chamomile and  tamanu. 

Who should use these ceramide rich products? 
Our Bare Roots products are suitable for all skin types as they are COSMOS certified organic and made with nourishing active ingredients which are perfect if you are: 

  • Suffering from dry or flaky skin 
  • Dealing with skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and acne 
  • Wanting to improve your anti-aging skincare routine
  • Wanting to improve and brighten your skin tone 

How else can I replenish my ceramides? 
Along with ceramide rich skincare products such as the Bare Roots milk cleanser and vital cream there are a range of ceramide rich foods you can incorporate into your diet to ensure you’re replenishing your levels. Some of these include brown rice, soy beans, eggs and wheat germ. 

When will I see results?
With repeated use of ceramides you should start seeing results within days to weeks, however this will depend on your skin cell turnover rate & condition of your skin.

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