The Role of the Lymphatic System for Healthy Skin

The Role of the Lymphatic System for Healthy Skin

Sep 13, 2019Suzanne Smedley

Rarely do we hear much about the Lymphatic system, a little unfortunate as it plays such a huge role in your skin's function and appearance.

Working as a skin clinician for many years, I've had the privilege of seeing a vast array of skin conditions.

It was not uncommon to find many suffering from congestion pooling around the ears, puffy eye bags or a sallow skin tone.

Overtime I realised this meant more then just miss treatment to the skin via incorrect product, treatment or food choices. It was stagnation from poor lymphatics.

We all have what's called lymph nodes, that are situated throughout our body. They can be found behind our ears, down the sides of our neck, across our chest, armpit and groin region. Think of these lymph nodes as rubbish tips (strange I know, but keep with me). 

Your lymphatic system sits right under the surface of your skin and circulates through the entire body. It's job is to collect and transport lymph, which carries any wastes or nasties (so you can remain healthy) and drops them off at the rubbish tip (aka your lymph nodes) for processing and detoxification.

Now unfortunately your lymphatic system requires the action of your circulatory system (governed by your heart) in order to do its job, so if your blood isn't pumping, suffice to say neither is your lymph and you run the risk of things backing up like a bad traffic jam.

So what does this all have to do with obtaining clear skin? 

Your skin gives you tell tale signs when things aren't operating so well internally. So, if you're following a lifestyle that involves congesting foods, a stagnant job (sitting most of the day), little-to-no exercise and hormonal disturbances then suffice to say your skin will look less than average.

Focusing on moving blood manually will significantly boost circulation and therefore allow your lymph to move and do its job properly.

This is where our facial tool kits come in, with just 2 simple tools (the rose quartz gua sha and facial roller) you can easily and effectively unblock stagnation through your face/neck/chest region. Using light pressure and outward movements you're essentially mimicking the movement of your lymph and encouraging detoxification.

Best results are seen when performed at least 2-3 times weekly but there is no over doing it, do it as much as you please!

Team this facial ritual up with clean skincare, a healthy diet and some exercise and you'll be surprised at just how much change you can see in your complexion.

If you'd like to know more, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our website.

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