What Is A Skin Condition?

What Is A Skin Condition?

May 02, 2019Suzanne Smedley

If you haven’t already established your skin type please read through our ‘what is a skin type’ blog…(trust me it’ll be a big help in getting it right!)

So we now know that a skin type is something you are born with and cannot change (unless you have undergone some strong meds or extreme hormonal changes).

A skin condition is something you CAN change (or at least improve) and it is NOT something you are born with (hooray!)

The reason why skin conditions are commonly discussed alongside skin types is because certain skin types can be more pre-disposed to these changeable conditions.

So lets run through what some common skin conditions are:

- Acne (mild, moderate, severe)
- Rosacea (stage 1, 2, 3, 4)
- Dermatitis (all types)
- Psoriasis
- Melasma
- Sun spots
- Keratosis Pilaris
- Fungus
- Plus more..

We won’t dive into explaining what each one is yet as they all deserve a blog of their own; however, this list gives you an idea of what skin professionals now refer to as skin conditions. In fact, you have probably seen skin care on the shelves that claim to treat these very issues.

Do you have an idea of what skin condition you have? and note… you can have more then one! If you can’t quite work it out, take our ‘what is your skin condition’ quiz to get an idea of some possible suggestions (please know we can’t be 100% accurate without obviously assessing your skin face to face).

Bare Roots skincare is mindful of the major differences between a skin type and a skin condition and how they should be specially treated. Our formulations tackle common problems that often lead to larger problems (eg: an exacerbated lipid dry skin type developing into a dermatitis skin condition due to essential fatty acid deficiency). Successfully identifying the basic needs the skin is lacking and then fulfilling those needs is key to a healthier skin. But you cannot do this without understanding what it is lacking in the first place. Bare Roots core principal is educating not only skin professionals but our day to day consumers as it is equally important for you to learn the what’s, how’s and why’s. This is what makes us truly different!

For more information on skin conditions comment below or for personal queries email info@bareroots.com.au

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