How To Be a Savvy Skincare Shopper

How To Be a Savvy Skincare Shopper

May 11, 2023Jade Edge

Before I went to hit the purchase button on my newest consideration, I heard my husband peek over my shoulder and say “my love, do you really need to spend that much on a new pair of boots?”, the answer was simply “yes” and I’ll tell you why it was that easy.

Let’s use skincare as our example in this process…

The purchase comes down to 3 key factors:

#1: Quality over quantity

Do you know what ingredients you are looking at when you read the INCI list (The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients)? Most likely, the average person doesn’t quite understand how to discern quality ingredients over sub-standard ones. The top listed ingredient can make up to 65% of the overall product contents, with the other 35% left in question.

When you are working with Certified Organic Skincare such as Bare Roots, you can rest assured the ingredients are of the highest quality. Organic fertilisers used during farming feed the soil and the plants. They utilise organic matter to offer nutrient dense soil which create micro organisms to feed the plant nutrients. When opting for non-organic products using Chemical Fertilisers, they feed only the plant, and damage the soil, taking away the nutrient rich offerings that the earth can deliver to the ingredient. 

Sourcing and crafting products from organic materials isn’t cheap, neither is ensuring that active ingredients are of the highest affordable input, but that’s what you’ll find within the Bare Roots range, without the expensive price tag.

#2: It saves you more money than you spent

You leave your latest facial after receiving an expert opinion on how to take care of your skin health, a prescription designed just for you. However, you leave empty handed as you feel you can’t justify the cost of professional skincare, and instead feel it’s more ‘budget-friendly’ to pop in to your local chemist or supermarket and grab what you need.

Two months (and more purchases) later, you find yourself with a skincare routine so abundant and overwhelming - with little to no results. Sound familiar? We totally get it.

A question that comes to mind here and we invite you to explore - what is the true cost of professional skincare?

Like mentioned above, considering the quality of ingredients and the levels of which active inputs are included are important when it comes to choosing skincare. Something else to consider is the multifunctionality of each product and how we can adapt the ‘less is more’ mentality upon building our skincare ritual.

Often it is prescribed to have many different products to target many different skin concerns. Bare Roots is here to challenge this notion and to bring you simplicity and ease when it comes to treating your skin. Instead of having a 12-step routine, consider choosing just a few products that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Here is a simple Bare Roots routine:

  • Gentle Cleansing Milk (cleanser, body moisturiser, overnight mask)
  • Herbal Mist (serum, pre-hydrator, sunburn relief, makeup setting spray)
  • Clarity Serum (serum, acne treatment, spot treatment, rosacea treatment, pigmentation treatment, wrinkle smoother)
  • Vital Cream (moisturiser, first aid balm, bruise healer, eye cream, eczema spot treatment)
  • Omega Oil (face oil, hair oil, cuticle treatment, hand balm, eczema spot treatment)

Purchases don’t have to be abundant, nor do they have to be specific to one purpose. When choosing quality multifunctional products, over time you’ll be saving more money than spent.

#3: It’s an unavoidable cost

It’s not a matter of ‘if’, but more a matter of ‘when’. 

When you’re working with purchases of this nature, it’s even more important to weigh up the overall cost. 

A 12-step routine that you regularly update because it’s not delivering results, is much more expensive than a 5-step ritual that delivers targeted and visual results whilst supporting the health of your skin.

If you know that skincare is a part of your ’non-negotiable’ list, taking the time to research or reach out to a professional for a personalised routine will save you more money long-term and will be overall more valuable to your skin’s health.

When all else fails, you can shop by your personality type:
  • Impulsive? Put time between you an a purchase. 24-hours is my ideal timeframe, to which I can return back to the open tab on my phone and resume my shopping cart.
  • Indulgent? Look for reusable pieces. When it comes to your skincare ritual, investing in reusable Cotton Facial Rounds, reusable Tools and sustainably sourced Facial Brushes will not only save financial waste, but also environmental waste too.
  • Budget-conscious? Bundle it up to save! Take advantage of product discounts, pre-orders and bundle packages to save a few extra dollars. 

With all this in mind, this is not just a frivolous spend on a new pair of boots. This is a thoughtful and conscious purchase that I have deliberated over, researched and worked towards acquiring. I can look these boots in the soles and say “your quality matters, you save me more than I would spend and I know I’ll find value in your purchase”. 

Your skincare should feel the same.

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