Prebiotics in Skincare

Prebiotics in Skincare

Jan 22, 2021Suzanne Smedley

A stable, balanced microbiome is a basic need of everybody's skin.

Prebiotics in skincare are beginning to grow in popularity. As a whole we have paid a lot of attention to the importance of restoring healthy bacteria via the use of probiotic supplements; however, only recently are we giving prebiotics an equal amount of attention.

What are prebiotics?
Prebiotics act as a 'food source' to healthy bacteria in your skin or digestive system. By acting as food, this encourages a greater diversity and a greater volume of healthy bacteria to develop. 

This is particularly helpful in barrier disordered skin conditions such as Acne, Rosacea and Dermatitis where the microbiome in the skin is imbalanced.

Benefits of using prebiotics in skincare
- Healthy bacteria ensure your skin is balanced, strong and protected 

- Reduces redness, dryness and weak skin

- Reinforces your first line of skin defense by preventing foreign invasion of environmental and chemical irritants

- Plays a role in your immunity and the quick recovery of trauma to the skin

- Prevents colonisation of bad bacteria in the skin (must for acne + rosacea)

- Beneficial for all skin types & skin conditions regardless of whether it is problematic. Its all about healthy management across your lifespan!

- Naturally very hydrating as prebiotics are a humectant, drawing water from the environment into the skin. 

What prebiotics do Bare Roots use?
We use a plant fibre known as 'Inulin' found in 'Chicory Root'. You can find this in our Microflora+ Algae Mask which is a alginate based mask that is applied, set for 10-15 minutes and peeled off. It also contains other skin loving ingredients such as aloe vera, marshmallow root powder, yoghurt powder and rosella flower extract. 

We recommend to use this mask right before a special occasion to instantly plump and firm the skin. Or if using the mask for correctional purposes (such as acne or rosacea), then we suggest an intensive course of once a week for 8 weeks to restore your skins healthy microbiome. 

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