3 Reasons You Need Omega Oil In Your Daily Skincare Routine

3 Reasons You Need Omega Oil In Your Daily Skincare Routine

Mar 22, 2022Suzanne Smedley

Summer has well and truly come to an end, and Autumn is here bringing us slightly cooler weather. With the changing of seasons, we should always be adjusting our skincare as our skin requires different care based on its environment.

For example, when Summer transitions into Autumn the temperature and humidity levels usually drop, so our skin finds it more difficult to stay hydrated in colder, windier weather. We usually see dry and cracked skin and inflammation occurring throughout the cooler months.

Alternatively, when the weather transitions from cool to warm, such as Winter to Spring, and eventually into Summer, our skin will try to adjust to the humidity and sun exposure often producing more oil. This usually leads to greasy skin, clogged pores and breakouts. 

This is why it’s essential to transition your skincare to match the changing of seasons. The best way to understand what your skin needs during each season change is to consult a skincare professional and book a skin consultation. This is because everybody’s skin is unique, so although we all have similar skin issues during the different seasons, we still have to evaluate skin individually.

It is also beneficial to invest in good quality products with gentle ingredients. At Bare Roots, we create certified organic skincare in Australia to combat skin problems all year round. 

As we are coming into Autumn, which will transition into Winter before we know it, let’s talk about how our skin reacts to the cold weather change.

Cold weather brings about a dry environment for our skin. There is less moisture in the air, and therefore less moisture going into our skin. The skin slows down and may show symptoms of dryness, flakiness and irritation. 

So, what can we do to look after our skin during the cooler seasons?

Tip 1: Incorporate A Facial Oil Into Your Skincare Routine

Firstly, we recommend introducing a facial oil into your skincare routine, if you don’t already use one, as it’s super important to give your skin additional healthy fats that many skins are often lacking. 

Certain plant oils carry high levels of essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3, 6, 9. They also offer the benefit of holding in moisture into the skin for longer periods of time compared to water based serums.

If you want to buy Omega Oil in Australia, it can be difficult to source one that is premium grade, first cold pressed and formulated in selective combinations that will provide long lasting, visible results for your skin. 

Our Bare Roots Omega Oil is made with certified organic ingredients, making it safe for your skin and beneficial. It contains a powerful blend of omega 3, 6 and 9 which play a critical role in helping your skin perform healthy everyday functions. These fatty acids support your skin and strengthen natural barrier function and protection.

Incorporating healthy oils into your skincare routine on a regular basis can improve your skin’s appearance, feel and texture. It provides softer and more hydrated skin that will stay moisturized much longer than if you were only using a moisturiser. 

Our Omega Oil also helps reduce signs of acne, rosacea and eczema by influencing your skin's inflammatory response and helping to prevent dry and itchy skin. 

When combined with the other natural and organic ingredients used in this product, including safflower, grape seed, chia seed and hemp, our Omega oil will deeply nourish and restore your skin back to health. You’ll likely see a huge reduction in dryness and flakiness, plus less redness and sensitivity. 

You can incorporate our Omega Oil into your skincare regime by massaging 3-4 drops into your face, neck and décolletage after cleansing, and before moisturizing. 

Buy Omega Oil in Australia with Bare Roots.

Tip 2: Switch to a Milk Cleanser

Foaming and gel cleansers are more likely to dry your skin out during the cooler months, especially if you are prone to dry skin. They emulsify the oils in the skin to give a deep cleanse but are more suitable for oily and acne prone skin. 

We advise switching to a milky cleanser during Autumn and Winter as they usually have a higher healthy fat content to provide more hydration to your skin.

Our Gentle Cleansing Milk contains biocompatible lipids so it can supplement and replenish the fatty acids into your skin’s barrier. It is also packed with plant-based anti-inflammatories and vitamins to calm irritated, stressed and dry skin and restore balance.

This milk cleanser is perfect for those who have skin prone to dryness or sensitivity to maintain hydration and overall skin health. Using unadulterated natural and organic ingredients that aren’t impacted by chemical exposure, you can use this cleanser knowing it is safe for your skin.

This cleanser also contains essential vitamins and minerals used to combat signs of aging and is incredible for rehydrating the skin. It can be left on overnight for extra nourishment, to be used as a mask. You can then leave it on, instead of washing it off, and use it with our Omega Oil.

If you want to completely switch to organic skincare and get the best bundle to buy Omega Oil and the Gentle Cleansing Milk together, we sell a complete box set which you can buy here. 

Or, grab the Gentle Milk Cleanser individually - here. 

Tip 3: Prioritize Booking In For Facials

Autumn and Winter are the best months to prioritize regular facial treatments, as this is when your skin is most in need of extra care. Regularly seeing a qualified skin therapist means your skin will get the nurturing it needs, especially if your skin is prone to dryness and irritation.

It is beneficial to restore essential moisture, stimulate circulation and blood flow, and rejuvenate your skin during these seasons. It is much easier to maintain healthy skin throughout these months, than to have to try and remedy neglected skin.

Our skin is more inclined to become lack lustre and dull during cooler weather too, so stimulating facials that focus on lymphatic drainage and oxygenation are ideal to keep your skin in tip top shape all year round.

Bare Roots is stocked in amazing skin clinics and salons across the country, click here to find a stockist near you.

Tip 4: Nurture Your Gut Health

Our final tip, is of course to maintain a healthy diet, and to nurture your gut health. Your gut and digestive health are closely linked to your skin health. If your gut microbial balance is off, it has the potential to negatively impact the skin microbiome.

You may have heard from skin therapists and naturopaths or even dieticians in the past, who have spoken about the impact food can have on our skin health. At the core of it, a healthy gut indicates a healthy immune system, and if your immune system is healthy, your skin usually reflects it.

During Autumn and Winter, you want to make sure you are eating plenty of nourishing foods and foods that have high levels of essential fatty acids. Alternatively, find some good quality supplements targeted toward your skin and digestive health. 

​Signs your gut health may be off include irregular bowel movements, bloating, excess gas and overall discomfort. Taking a quality probiotic is a good start but also a closer look into potential triggers in your diet, incorporating healthy levels of fibre and green leafy vegetables will naturally detoxify and eliminate waste - with of course 2+ litres of water. A healthy gut equals healthy skin. If you need some guidance, seek assistance from a Naturopath or Nutritionist. 

So, we hope these tips will help you nourish your skin in the coming cold seasons. Maintain a healthy diet high in essential fatty acids, book in for regular facials, switch to a milk cleanser and introduce a plant-derived facial oil into your skincare routine, for optimal skin health.

For your skincare, we highly recommend you invest in the Bare Roots Omega Oil and Gentle Milk Cleanser for the cooler months, however, we have also put together a seasonal bundle for Autumn that will be beneficial in this transition season.

Our Autumn Harvest Bundle includes our Bamboo Enzyme Peel and our Curative Serum. We paired these products together to give you a regenerative bundle that will jumpstart your skin cell turnover and provide a healthy complexion for the next few months.

The Bamboo Enzyme Peel is a creamy clay-based exfoliant that gently removes rough-textured surface cells on your face without over-exfoliating it. It is fortified with plant enzymes and bamboo, and rich in silica, minerals, anti-inflammatories and natural lipids to boost the healing process in your skin.

The Curative Serum is perfect to apply before your Omega Oil. It contains botanically derived vitamin A and other essential vitamins to provide a healthy, strengthened cell cycle.

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Follow our Autumn and Winter skincare tips and your skin will not only survive the winter, but will emerge into Spring glowing and thriving. 

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