Mar 22, 2022Jade Edge

"Sustainability is the capacity to endure in a relatively ongoing way across various domains of life"

Australia is ranked #35 in the world for sustainability. That's pretty good, but we find ourselves asking WWFD (What Would Finland Do) when it comes to improving our score, after all they have the purest air in the world and their use of renewable energy outweighs their use of fossil fuels.

Individually, we can make a small impact. But collectively, that's where the biggest change can happen.

So where do we start?

🌱 Energy within our homes. Is it possible to install solar panels for renewable energy? Or change to solar water systems? These can be a big step, so another great resource would be to find a provider who uses renewable resources. You can also make small differences to your energy usage by ensuring electronic items & light switches are turned off and unplugged when not in use.

🌱 Waste. Did you know that only 37% of Australia's overall waste was recycled correctly? This means 21.7 million tonnes of waste ended up in landfill, and a further 130,000 tonnes of plastic ending up in our waterways and oceans. This can contaminate our supplies and endanger our aquatic life, which directly impacts biodiversity (the web of life). Ensuring we are recycling our waste correctly can create a second life for the materials. 

Reusable bags, biodegradable plastics, composting and thrift shopping for clothing are all fantastic ways to be more waste conscious.

🌱 Supporting ethical and sustainable companies for goods and services. Support local where you can!

🌱 Get involved in your community. Ride your bike to work day or maybe even arrange carpooling, plant trees, compost collectively, purchase grocery items from local markets or suppliers. Sometimes activities can be more motivating if paired with another fellow human.

🌱 Do you research. If you are really keen on making an impact, get to know how the mechanical cogs of sustainability works and then share the things you learn with your friends and family. Awareness is key to making the first step towards a better future for ourselves and the following generations.

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