Feb 03, 2022Jade Edge

Simply put, "Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth"

So what does this mean and why is this important?

Our entire existence thrives from the land we live and breathe on. From trees and nature providing us oxygen, to the agriculture that fuels our bodies to function. Plain and simply, biodiversity is the network of life.

Collectively, humans are using 1.7x more natural resources than the planet can handle. This puts enormous strain on species, humans and communities. Without addressing this issue, we are confronted with the risk of food supplies dropping and even drinkable water being in short supply by 2050.

So what are some things we can do to help increase biodiversity?

🌱 Grow more plants & tree's. This not only acts as a home and food for wildlife, it also acts as a sponge for carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas). Planting a tree can help reduce the impact of climate change but collectively needs to be done on a bigger scale. Time to do our part!

🌱 Grow your own veggie garden, support local grocers and begin composting your food waste.

🌱 Watch your waste. Surprisingly a lot of the things you use in your household and regularly purchase is available with an eco-friendly alternative. Next time you do your grocery purchase, question "is there a more eco friendly option? Can this be re-used? OR alternatively you can find ways to up-cycle existing goods you have at home. 

Did you know that your Bare Roots product containers are recyclable? Next time you reach the end of the bottle, we'd love for you to pop it in your recycling bin instead of your regular waste bin. This gives it an opportunity for a 2nd life rather than going straight into landfill.

Stay tuned as we are exploring the possibility of refill options in the future!

Throughout the year in our posts, we will be focusing on what it means to be Australian from an environmental perspective and the responsibility we have to give back to this beautiful land we call home 🤍

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