The 4 Best Products For Treating Acne

The 4 Best Products For Treating Acne

Jan 19, 2022Suzanne Smedley

Acne is a common skin problem that many people of all ages suffer with, or have suffered with in their life. Some of us just have the odd hormonal breakout whereas others have more serious underlying issues with acne being more aggressive and persistent.

Having acne can really impact your self esteem and affect your daily life, as well as make your skin painful, irritable and uncomfortable to deal with.

The skincare industry is saturated with products that use harmful ingredients that only further irritate your skin. It can be difficult to find organic skincare in Australia that is beneficial to your skin. 

The internet can be full of “quick fixes” for eliminating acne, however most of these are temporary solutions that don’t consider long term skin health or function. Before we address the acne, we want to understand some common causes and where it comes from.

Acne is usually classified as either a blockage or an infection under your skin. We usually see three different types of acne, with three different causes.

The first type is classified as mild acne which most of us get in the form of blackheads. Blackheads occur from oil blockages in the skin that turn black when they are exposed to oxygen. They appear on the surface of the skin and can often be treated with exfoliants to smoothen the skin down.

The second type is a moderate acne, usually presenting as pustules or white heads, which are blockages further down in the follicle, but still present in the top layer.  

The main culprit for this type of acne is a build up of bad bacteria under the skin where oxygen is not present. The bacteria multiplies and creates an infection, which is where a lot of the pain and irritation in this type of acne comes from.

To heal these infections, your body naturally tries to push this bacteria to the surface of your skin, creating white heads or pustules within 1-2 weeks.

The third, and most severe type of acne is where nodules and infections happen at the deeper layers of the skin. Your body sends enzymes to these infections to try and break them down, but this can take up to a month to heal, and can leave scarring as it is so deep in your skin.

The common causes of acne include:

  • Retention Keratosis: Where either a build up of our own dead skin cells, the use of poor quality skincare or makeup, or a lack of skin hydration, can clog our skin and create breakouts
  • Sebum Blockages: Sebum is a natural oil in the skin that provides moisture and protection, but can often become too thick and get trapped in the hair follicles, gathering dead skin cells and becoming inflamed
  • Skin ph Levels: The skin should have a ph of 4.5 to 6.5, and be naturally acidic to be able to kill off pathogens and have a strong immune function. However, if the skin ph level is out, the skin can become alkaline which is the environment that bacteria and irritants thrive in, causing acne breakouts

So, now that we know the types of acne and the most common causes, we need to know how to heal it.

Many factors contribute to healing acne from a healthy diet, to sufficient hydration, to managing environmental pollutants, and of course, the quality of skincare and makeup you put on your skin.

We always recommend seeking out a skin professional such as a Dermal Therapist or Dermatologist that you connect with to properly analyse your skin problems and provide you with the best holistic advice to buy natural skincare in Australia, and tackle any underlying issues. 

Bare Roots skincare products use natural, certified organic, botanical ingredients to help treat skin issues such as mild to moderate acne, by alleviating external inflammation, essential fatty acid deficiency & supplementing the skin with the appropriate nutrition for optimal skin health 

Our top 4 products recommended for the treatment of acne are:

Gentle Foaming Cleanser 

Our foaming cleanser is perfect for all skin types and conditions. It removes impurities and make-up gently and thoroughly without stripping the skin of it’s natural oils. It contains potent active ingredients that feed the skin with essential nutrients.

This cleanser contains Kakadu Plum that is loaded with Vitamin C, encouraging collagen and elastin production to slow down pigmentation and protect the skin from environmental factors. 

Green Tea extract is used as it contains powerful antioxidants that neutralize pollutants in the air such as UV radiation, and acts as an anti-inflammatory with antimicrobial properties. This ingredient is well known for treating acne and irritated skin.

A wonder oil in our foaming cleanser, called Squalene, restores any depletion of the skin's natural oils to help nourish your skin and heal any breakouts. 

The cleanser also utilizes caffeine to provide an energy boost to your skin and stimulate microcirculation. As acne is often worsened by stagnated skin, this ingredient is ideal for fighting acne issues.

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The Vital Cream

This product is a first aid cream that heals inflamed skin conditions, including acne, and helps to calm the skin, and restore balance and barrier function. It is great for general skin maintenance once your skin has healed, and an essential item to include in your skincare routine.

With active ingredients including Zinc, Boswelia, Chamomile, Tamanu and more, there is no better moisturiser for acne-prone skin.

Zinc contains anti-inflammatory properties and is a common ingredient used in the treatment of acne to reduce redness, irritation and bad bacteria. Used in our Vital Cream, it also aids in stabilising the skin’s oil production.

Boswelia is a powerful herbal extract that stimulates collagen production and helps to firm and tone the skin, relieve irritation and retexturize the top layer. 

Chamomile is a calming antioxidant that fights inflammation and can be used for all skin types and conditions, and protects the skin from free radical damage.

Tamanu is a natural antibiotic that acts as an alternative to steroids or antibiotic creams, providing a more gentle treatment to skin irritation, rashes or inflammation.

You can buy the Vital Cream and Gentle Foaming Cleanser in our Summer Skin Saver Bundle for just $99.

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The Bare Roots Curative Serum

Serums are essential for healthy skin as they provide concentrated treatment and have specific purposes to treat various skin conditions. Our Curative Serum is intensely rejuvenating as it is packed with essential fatty acids and botanically derived vitamins to encourage health cell production.

Using a natural retinol-like alternative called Mothbean Extract, it  jump-starts cell renewal and slows down signs of aging, allowing  the skin to heal. This vitamin A like extract is well tolerated even by the most sensitive of skins.

Carrot Seed Oil is used in our curative serum, which acts as a multivitamin for the skin with Vitamins A, C and E, each of which are effective to heal cell damage and protect the skin against sun exposure and environmental stressors.

A natural ingredient called Gotu Kola, known as the “miracle elixir of life”, is used in the Curative Serum to heal wounds and stimulate new cell growth. It strengthens the skin and increases oxygen supply and microcirculation to prevent and reduce acne.

Lastly, Davidsons Plum, is a native Australian ingredient that uses potent phenolic acid properties to protect the skin from environmental pollutants and intensify the skin’s Vitamin C levels, allowing it to remain active for longer.

Use 1 pump of this incredible serum after your cleanser, and before your vital cream.

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The Bare Roots Bamboo Enzyme Peel

Our Bamboo Enzyme Peel is a creamy, gentle exfoliant that is fortified with plant enzymes and bamboo to remove blackheads and rough-textured surface cells without damaging your skin. 

It is infused with natural, active, botanical ingredients including Bamboo Stem Extract, Pumpkin Fruit Ferment, Goji Berry Extract, Papaya and Willowbark. 

These ingredients work together to provide collagen and tissue support,skin rejuvenation and healing. They contain high sources of Vitamins A, C and E to neutralise free radical damage and give the skin a smoother texture and brighter complexion..

The Papaya acts as an anti-clogging ingredient to remove redundant, damaged keratin in the skin and reduce inflammation, whilst the Willowbark manages and stabilise excess oil production and alleviates redness, pain and swelling in the skin.

This peel can be massaged into damp skin, and be left for 3 to 10 minutes once a week for optimal results.

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So, whilst acne is an irritating, painful and unpleasant skin condition to deal with, and finding a solution to treating it can be difficult or confusing, investing in the right organic skincare products is a great start to healing. It is also an immediate solution before or during professional treatment with a skin specialist.

With hundreds of skincare brands out there, it is hard to know where to buy organic skincare in Australia, and how to know which products are the best for you. That’s one of the reasons we created Bare Roots,we wanted to take out the confusion for consumers and simplify daily rituals - because they certainly don’t need to be complex!

You now have four multifunctional organic skincare products to introduce into your skincare routine to combat acne on a deeper level, and provide your skin with the nutrients and Vitamins it requires to rebalance.

If you would like further advice on your skin and acne causes, feel free to visit our website and watch our educational videos: OR reach out by emailing:

To learn more about organic skincare in Australia, you can now shop our products online or find a stockist near you.

Don’t forget to make the most of our Summer Skin Saver Bundle, which comes with the Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Vital Cream, to get you started on your organic skincare journey. 

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