Herbal Mist and its role in cutaneous hydration

Herbal Mist and its role in cutaneous hydration

Apr 11, 2022Suzanne Smedley

Traditionally a toner was created with the intention to rebalance, tone & rehydrate the skin with some having astringent properties for acneic-prone skin conditions. 'Mists' to some degree still aren’t viewed as a staple product in ones skin regime. To many people it  can be an 'unnecessary, overindulgent' step and this largely has to do with misinformation & miseducation. Lets go ahead and break yet another stigma!

Mists sound like a nice idea but what do we really gain from it at a cellular level and what is the extent of its impact in the long term?

As with all new product developments at Bare Roots our core goal is to minimise overconsumption, keep things simple & purposeful. 

The Herbal Mist is by far the most superior product in the range in the way of boosting epidermal hydration for extended periods of time. In fact, forget that its called a mist and start treating it more like a hydrating serum that so happens to 'mist' out of the packaging.

The acid mantle that resides in the exterior layer of our skin is made up of both oil & water - both vital constituents for optimal function & protection. Without natural moisturising factors our skin lacks the active enzymes required for healthy cell breakdown & renewal. Without substantial cutaneous water content our skin also lacks the smooth, firm & soft buoyancy we eagerly seek.

With inadequate hydration our cell to cell communication is impacted and as a result we have impaired healing, slow nutritional transport & detoxification processes. The Herbal Mist will prevent trans epidermal water loss (dehydration), create a sufficient moisture barrier in the skin & deliver superior hydration, minerals, antioxidants and much, much more.

From a chemistry perspective, water travels faster and further then oil due to its molecular size, weight & transportation abilities so utilising the very best water actives and humectants forms part of the Herbal Mists very efficient delivery system.


  • Made up of a base of Aloe Vera making it highly re-mineralising
  • It is the only product in the range free from essential oils whilst still maintaining a pleasant aroma from the natural botanicals
  • Contains anti-inflammatories from immune supporting herbs such as echinacea, calendula & cucumber
  • it contains potent antioxidants from Flametree extract & Emu Apple which contains 3 times more vitamin C then blueberries.
  • It contains astringent & antibacterial properties from willowbark & witch hazel
  • Contains a superior active called ‘Poly-glutamic-acid’ or PGA is a powerful humectant protein naturally found in your skin and it assists in the production of natural moisturising factors whilst also dropping an abundance of it into your epidermis. This means a quick surge of fast hydration into the skin that can be felt immediately.
  • It can hold up to 10 times more moisture then hyaluronic acid resulting in a plump, soft and ever so pleasing firmness to the skin.
  • Sodium PCA & Saccharide Isomearate work synergistically to draw in water, create a moisture barrier to the skin & prevent transepidermal water loss.


As with many of the Bare Roots products, the Herbal Mist has multifunctional use. Here are the following ways it can be used

  1. Can be used for sunburn relief
  2. Post IPL facial treatments
  3. Solely as a hydrating serum for those that want a more simple regime
  4. Can be used anywhere on the body that suffers from dry spots
  5. Use it to rewet the bamboo enzyme peel to keep it active
  6. As a pre-hydrator to allow for a better delivery of further actives such as the curative serum. Remember the more hydrated the skin is the better it will respond to product & treatment
  7. As a makeup primer, simply spray a fine mist before makeup application so it has a hydrated canvas to sit on
  8. Used as a mixing medium for the microflora+ algae mask. Simply Mix in 1/2 a teaspoon alongside water to boost final results.
  9. Lastly, as a scalp spray to help improve scalp health and the management of dandruff

Anyone and everyone who has concerns of dehydration, rough skin texture, ageing, free radical damage, congestion or inflammation. Both age & gender appropriate.

None except known allergies to ingredients listed in INCI list. Herbal mist is also safe for pregnancy & breastfeeding.

After cleansing both morning and evening you can either spray 2-3 pumps directly in your hands and press into the skin OR spritz over the whole face, neck & decolletage. The amount you use will depend on how dehydrated the skin is. It is recommended to drench the skin to adequately create and feel that moisture barrier in the skin for long lasting results.

Any questions? Feel free to email us at sales@bareroots.com.au

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