Skincare for professional use

Skincare for professional use

Apr 26, 2022Jade Edge

Choosing a skincare line to introduce in to your business can be one of the most vital decisions you will make. 

Not only does this decision factor in to what treatments and/or results you will be able to provide, but it also can represent a huge proportion of what your business has to offer in terms of focus and care.

Some key areas to consider when weighing up different brands are:

  • What is my current demographic? What type of skins do I see frequently? What conditions may I need to treat?
  • Do I want to focus on just one brand? Or am I looking at stocking multiple?
  • What are my thoughts on sustainability and waste? Environmentally and financially.
  • Are these products going to be used in treatments, or purely just for retail?

When enquiring with us about becoming a stockist and wholesale supplies, these are the types of questions we will happily go over with you to help you uncover your true business values & needs.

So why choose Bare Roots for your organic wholesale supplies?

We know that many of the population suffers from compromised and debilitating skin conditions, Bare Roots offers a fantastic remedial solution for them. 

Developed by a treating therapist and cosmetic chemist, Bare Roots is an uncomplicated skincare range that pays respect to the skin’s pH, acid mantle and its requirements to function on a daily basis. Aloe Vera is our base, not water, making the entire range anti-inflammatory. 

By incorporating bio-compatible lipids in to each product, comparable to the naturally occurring fats found in our skin, the entire range is easily accepted in to the skin barrier, sinking far below for deep healing. 

At Bare Roots, we use natural cosmeceuticals to achieve results. Ingredients such as Mothbean Extract, Bakuchiol, Kakadu Plum, Davidsons Plum, Gotu Kola, Tamanu & Green Tea (to name just a few!) can be found amongst our products. Using natural cosmeceuticals can be far less damaging to the skin barrier, holds less of an irritancy profile and can be better for your overall wellbeing. 

Our founder Suzanne grew up in the country, right in the thick of wildlife. This formed a deep connection and appreciation for nature and how it provides us beauty, healing and reconnection with ourselves. Rather than contribute to mass consumerism, we are on a mission to share sustainable skincare and instil the desire to create positive changes that support the environment. Our products are also COSMOS Certified Organic, meaning you won’t find any ingredients that have come in to contact with contaminants such as pesticides, fertilisers, radiation, antibiotics or synthetics. 

There are many more reasons we could go over with you as to why we might be a great fit for your business. If you’d like to discuss Bare Roots skincare products, wholesale supplies and professional use, click here to submit an enquiry form and we’ll get in touch!

We hope you decide to join us on the journey of sharing healing amongst your community.

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