How to Support Your Skin with Trans-Seasonal Skincare

How to Support Your Skin with Trans-Seasonal Skincare

Oct 03, 2023Jade Edge

Just as the seasons transform the world around us, they can also have a direct impact on our skin. If you've ever noticed signs of distress, concern, sensitivity, or reactivity in your complexion, you're not alone.

Our skin, the body's largest organ, can be highly responsive to its environment. Recognising our skin’s response signals can help us optimise our skin health through seasonal changes.

In this blog, we will dive into what trans-seasonal skin care is and why it matters, what your skin needs for each season and which professional Bare Roots products you should be implementing. 

What is Trans-seasonal Skincare?

Put simply, trans-seasonal skincare is the practice of modifying your skincare routine to cater to the unique needs of your skin as the seasons change. 

As the weather, humidity levels, and other atmospheric variables change, your skin can react differently. What worked wonders during the sunny days of summer might not be ideal when winter's chill sets in.

However, changing up your skincare routine isn't always necessary. Instead, focus on observing your skin. If it starts showing different symptoms as it transitions from one season to another such as sensitivity or distress that's the cue to assess what to swap out or to add.

How to Transition Your Skincare For Each Season:


As the weather cools down your skin may signal the arrival of autumn with subtle changes. You might notice it feels a bit drier or rougher to the touch. This is your skin's way of adapting to the lower humidity levels and cooler temperatures that come with the season. 

To keep your complexion glowing and nourished, it may be time to make a seamless transition in your skincare routine, and that begins with incorporating a gentle exfoliant.

Exfoliation is a critical step especially during autumn as your skin's natural exfoliation process can slow down, leading to a buildup of dead skin cells. This buildup can result in a dull complexion and make it harder for your moisturisers to penetrate effectively.

Our top product for Autumn: Bamboo Enzyme Peel

Our Bamboo Enzyme peel is a creamy clay-based exfoliant made with natural plant enzymes, minerals, anti-inflammatories, natural lipids and bamboo. This natural skincare product helps to revive and renew your complexion without over-exfoliating, ensuring your skin stays comfortable as the seasons shift. 


Winter's freezing temperatures and lower humidity levels can create the perfect storm for skin dehydration. The cold air can deplete your skin of moisture, while indoor heating systems further add to the issue by getting rid of humidity from the air. The result? Skin that can feel tight, itchy, and prone to flakiness.

Incorporating hydrating cleansers and moisturisers into your routine can help lock in moisture and protect your skin's barrier against the Winter elements.

Our top product for Winter: Vital Cream

If you’re looking for professional skincare in Australia that helps calm and heal the skin then the Vital Cream is it. The Vital Cream is specially designed to provide relief and healing for inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, or dermatitis, all while replenishing essential moisture and fortifying your skin's protective barrier.


As the temperatures rise and humidity levels increase, your skin's needs may shift. Spring often brings a sense of rejuvenation, but it can also trigger skin sensitivities, particularly if you've been battling winter dryness. This makes it important to focus on products that soothe and brighten your complexion.

Embracing products containing vitamins in springtime is the perfect way to help improve any winter dullness. It’s also important to remember to keep up with sun protection as UV rays intensify with longer days. 

Our top product for Spring: Curative Serum

Our Curative serum is rich in the ingredients needed to support a healthy cell cycle and rejuvenate your skin. Packed with natural sources of vitamins A, C, and E, this organic beauty product offers antioxidant support that's especially beneficial during the stress and sun exposure that spring often brings.


Summer's intense sun exposure, high temperatures, and increased humidity can throw your skin's equilibrium off balance. You may notice that your skin becomes oilier, more prone to breakouts, or even experiences sunburn and redness. 

Opting for calming products such as those with aloe vera and introducing antioxidants into your skincare routine, can help soothe your skin and reduce the appearance of sun damage such as sunspots. 

Our top product for Summer: Herbal mist

Made with organic ingredients, our Herbal mist is designed to infuse your skin with deep moisture and essential minerals. With a calming Aloe base, this is the perfect skincare product for Summer. 

Tips and Reminders for Trans-seasonal Skincare 

  • Always listen to your skin and ask yourself the questions - how does my skin look and feel right now? And what goals do I have in mind for my skin? 
  • Remember the approach of changing up routines isn’t always necessary, but if your skin is showing different symptoms - then it might be time to look at what to swap out or add.
  • Stay consistent: Consistency in your skincare routine is often more critical than switching products frequently.


All of our products are certified organic, professional and made right here in Australia. Each of the products mentioned in this blog post are now available in our Fresh Start Trio which includes a FREE Herbal Mist. 

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