The Power of Organic Liposomes in Professional Skincare

The Power of Organic Liposomes in Professional Skincare

Sep 22, 2023Jade Edge

From anti-aging to hydration, brightening, and soothing, organic liposomal technology can help elevate performance so you’re getting the most out of the active ingredients in your skincare. 

In this blog post, we will be unpacking what organic liposome technology is, why it is important in skincare and how the Bare Roots Clarity Serum utilises the technology to deliver a variety of benefits for the skin. 

What is Organic Liposomes technology?

So what exactly is organic liposome technology? 

To break it down simply, Organic Liposomes are carrier vessels that contain a watery interior and an oily exterior.

The oily exterior is identical to human cell membranes, therefore when it hits the skin’s surface it is more readily accepted within.

Once delivered into the skin, the liposomes have greater potential to directly deliver key actives as they infuse to cell membranes and release their contents into the cell.

How is Bare Roots shaping a new future for Liposomes?

When it comes to skincare for professional use, particularly in the context of COSMOS-certified organic products, organic liposomes are rare. 

COSMOS (Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard) certification is a stringent and globally recognised standard. It sets strict criteria for ingredient sourcing, production processes, and ecological sustainability.

The rarity of organic liposomes in professional skincare within Australia (or globally for that matter), especially within the realm of COSMOS-certified organic products, is due to several factors such as the complex production and particular environmental considerations. 

What are the benefits to utilising Organic Liposomes in skincare? 

Organic liposomes are beneficial in skincare due to the variety of amazing benefits they can offer. 

By harnessing this technology within a formula, it allows applications to have a higher probability to achieve the desired results from the encapsulated ingredients. Here is a bit of a deeper dive:

Enhanced ingredient delivery 

As mentioned, Organic Liposomes act as tiny carrier vehicles encapsulating active ingredients. This protective encapsulation ensures that the active ingredients remain stable and potent until they reach their intended destination in the skin and can deliver their anticipated benefits. 

An effective solution for Acne and Rosacea skins

We know these skin conditions can feel tricky to manage and can make even the most patient person impatient to treat it! Whilst it’s important to set realistic timelines for achieving results, Organic Liposomes allow for a faster delivery of encapsulated actives and key ingredients required to address these skin concerns. 

Reduced skin irritation

Just as you wouldn’t directly apply grated turmeric to your face without a formula, Organic Liposomes offer a more gentle and softer delivery of actives directly into the skin. This is largely due to the identical composition to the skin’s natural cells. 

Clarity Serum 

Let’s talk about our amazing Clarity Serum!

This is the first product in the Bare Roots range to utilise organic liposome technology. Some of the key active ingredients encapsulated in the serum include: 

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric Extract is a natural ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its healing abilities. Within Clarity Serum, turmeric extract helps to balance oil production, reduce redness, scarring and inflammation and can even help brighten the skin's complexion.

Maclura Cochinchinensis

This plant-derived ingredient has a variety of benefits and can help with skin firmness and overall resilience, reducing acne-causing bacteria and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, this powerhouse active can do a lot! 

Canadian Willowherb Extract

Known for its calming and soothing properties, Canadian Willowherb Extract encapsulated in organic liposomes adds a layer of gentle care to the Clarity Serum. This calming ingredient can help reduce redness, irritation and acne-causing bacteria.

Liposomes create an easier interaction with cells and help to enhance the targeted delivery of active ingredients such as those in the Clarity Serum. 

 Organic Liposomes wrap up

  • Liposomes are microscopic vesicles that contain a watery centre and phospholipid exterior or membrane. 
  • When it comes to professional skincare, particularly in the context of COSMOS-certified organic products, organic liposomes are rare. 
  • Benefits of organic liposomes include enhanced ingredient delivery, an effective solution for Acne and Rosacea skins, and reduced skin irritation. 
  • Clarity Serum is the first product in the Bare Roots range to utilise organic liposome technology. 


Overall organic liposomes are an amazing technology that can increase the probability of fast-acting and targeted results.. If you’re interested in discovering professional skincare from Australia or the benefits of this technology try our Clarity Serum now.

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