Jul 05, 2021Suzanne Smedley
The beauty industry is unsustainable. It is heavily driven by continuously adding new launches & new products to brand offerings. It doesn't always coincide with a genuine need for a product but rather driven by marketing & what will sell
Bare Roots is committed to developing multi purpose, essential skincare that the skin can highly benefit from.
Sustainability is beyond just eco friendly packaging, it is about considering the planets resources which includes the number of products building up unnecessarily in consumers bathroom cupboards. 

It is also acknowledging the life of a product and having complete awareness around its lifespan. This includes the energy & resources needed to create the product, transport the product and ultimately where it ends up once we dispose of it.

Some of the vital questions to ask are:

Does it get recycled? Or does it end up in our waterways which may harm marine life? Are the ingredients safe for the environment when its washed off our skin? Are the raw materials obtained from sustainable sources? Or are they contributing to the ever growing impact of deforestation and harm to wildlife?

There is alot to consider when developing a skincare brand and fortunately Bare Roots considers its environmental footprint and will continue to educate and hopefully influence other brands to do the same. 

Our business model is to make less so you dont have to buy more.
Skin minimalism is not only simplifying your skincare but supporting the notion that you can get what you need from less products. Because you absolutely can. Plus supporting the environment along the way by becoming more educated on your environmental footprint and how you too can make a difference.

Next time you make your next skincare purchase, consider the following questions:
- is it a need or a want?
- Are the products you use essential for skin health? Or are they more for pleasure?
- Are you using it because you see/feel a difference or do you just think you need it?
- Are you hoarding? Take a look at your bathroom cupboard. Consider a cull or at least finish off what you have! Tip: The basic essentials for skin maintenance are a quality cleanser, moisturiser & SPF!

Minimalist skincare habits start at home and they aren't always driven by those who are 'budget-conscious'. Quite the opposite. Consumers want to use quality products that work and by saving money on purchasing less, they can then ultimately afford to pay more. 

So, are you ready to be a skin minimalist? Join the ever growing club!

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