Why all skins need antioxidants

Why all skins need antioxidants

Jul 20, 2021Suzanne Smedley

From the time we birth our skin is exposed to elements in the air and within our body that aren't always healthy & beneficial. Thankfully when we are young we mostly have the necessary immune functions and skin protective mechanisms to deal with these impurities/dysfunctions but that's not to say they don't impact us to some level, especially as we get older.

Throughout childhood and our early adult years we don't always see the signs of premature ageing until our late twenties or early thirties. Because of this 'delay' there are certain lifestyle factors such as smoking, sunbaking or poor dietary choices that take place in these younger years that can play catch up when we're more mature. These all contribute to what health professionals refer to as 'Oxidative stress' and it is one of the biggest causes for premature ageing. 

Oxidative stress in simple terms is the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Free radicals are essentially unstable molecules generated by things such as:
- UV exposure
- Stress
- Pollution
- Poor quality foods (processed, refined sugar etc)
- Smoking
- Drugs & medication
Plus many more

When you have unstable molecules in your body + skin they desperately seek out other 'balanced' molecules to fill in their missing link. By doing this it has a knock on effect to other molecules ultimately rendering them unstable too. You can see how the vicious cycle of premature ageing plays out.

Antioxidants are essential to our health & wellbeing as they provide these unstable molecules with this 'missing link' thereby protecting other stable molecules from being impacted. It is important to note that when an unstable molecule uses an antioxidant for its missing link, that antioxidant must continually be replenished otherwise the vicious cycle of damage continues. 

Quality topical daily skincare can play such a vital role in the management and support of healthy ageing. Each Bare Roots product is loaded with antioxidants and as each product are COSMOS certified organic, nutrient densities are shown to be more concentrated - as high as 40% more than non organic varieties. 

Antioxidants are commonly found in rich berries (blueberries/goji/raspberry), green vegetables, herbs & almost all fresh fruit & vegetable produce. Some containing richer sources than others. To adequately care for our skin we must nourish our body within by choosing wholesome, nutritionally dense foods.

In skincare, antioxidants can act as a food source for dermal fibres which in turn influence the health of new skin cells that develop onto the surface of your skin. They also help to support your skins immunity to fight off pathogens and irritants. To top it off some antioxidants have skin brightening, anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating properties!

Hero antioxidants in Bare Roots:
Aloe Vera
Goji Berries
Green Tea
Kakadu Plum
Mothbean Extract
Hemp Seed

Do I need antioxidants everyday?
Yes! Free radicals from pollution, stress and UV etc are constantly in our environment & lifestyle therefore we need to replenish our antioxidant stores internally and externally every single day to prevent premature ageing.

Which Bare Roots product has the richest source of antioxidants?
Our Curative Serum & Omega Oil

Do I need antioxidants if I wear SPF everyday to protect me from UV?
Yes because there are still many other factors that trigger oxidative stress in the body, UV is just one of many. 

For more information or if you have any questions please email: info@bareroots.com.au

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