13 Going On….7? What In The Trend Is Going On With Teen Skin

13 Going On….7? What In The Trend Is Going On With Teen Skin

Feb 20, 2024Jade Edge

For us adults, being a teenager and taking care our skin used to be more about spot-patrol and making sure we had the latest flavour of Lip Smacker in our Bratz pencil case, than it did about trying to prevent the natural ageing process.

With the uprise of social media platforms, societal pressures are surmounting and teens are feeling the push more than ever to achieve a highly edited, unattainable beauty standard shown in trending videos.

Children as young as 11-years-old are asking their parents for popular brands, filled with retinoids and other ingredients that can do more harm than good for young skin. Where the biggest concern of a child in this age group should be which area of school they are going to hang out with their friends in, is now pulled towards maintaining a youthful complexion.

We can’t stop the rise of trending videos, so what skincare products should a teenager be using on their skin?

At Bare Roots, we are all about focusing on what the skin actually needs and of course, keeping things simple. At this age range, a skin routine should be kept relatively easy and brought back to basics. 

Some of the typical changes a teenager might experience with their skin are:

  • Acne (mild to severe)
  • Scarring (commonly from Cystic Acne)
  • Oily Skin (thanks to the abundance of hormones rolling about)
  • Dryness or Eczema

When we look at these common signs or symptoms, we can start to understand the best approach to bringing back balance and harmony to the skin. This doesn’t need to be through targeted actives or corrective solutions, but instead through a simplistic, barrier focused approach.

Let’s dive in to these conditions!

The most common conditions are Acne, Scarring and Oily skin, for this we recommend….

Gentle Foaming Cleanser

The perfect starting point as most teens love the feeling of a foam! Mycells will help to draw out dirt, makeup and impurities within the skin, whilst added plant oils will help replenish the natural fats found within the skin. This combination allows for a deep clean feeling, without stripping the skin of any important nutrients.

Vital Cream 

A lightweight, gentle moisturiser formulated to assist in restoring barrier function and feeding the skin with antioxidants and vitamins. This balm can help to balance out oil production with added Zinc and provide the skin with antibacterial properties to soothe any inflammation with Tamanu.

Omega Oil

The most gentle product within our range, filled with essential fatty acids to help replenish and maintain optimal barrier protection and function. Some teens might fear using an oil for their skin, particularly if they are dealing with a condition such as Acne. However, oils can actually be a vital component in helping to heal the underlying condition. Omega Oil contains ingredients high in Linoleic Acid, which Acne skins are deficient in. This, along with other vitamins can help address dehydration, poor quality oil production and assist in balancing out oil production (which is also important for Dermatitis & Eczema!).

For signs of Dryness or Eczema, try swapping out just one product and keeping the rest of the routine the same..

Instead of Gentle Foaming Cleanser, try Gentle Cleansing Milk. 

The added ceramides within Gentle Cleansing Milk offer the skin barrier an extra defence when working to replenish itself and protect from water loss. 

In summary…

Taking the skin’s condition in to consideration when choosing products, especially with the stage of life it’s in, can offer long lasting benefits for thriving and healthy skin from teens, adulthood and beyond.

We recommend:

  • Keeping your teen skin routine simple. Cleanse, moisturise and hydrate - it’s really that easy!
  • Avoiding unnecessary actives. These are often corrective solutions that tween/teen skin really don’t require
  • Focus on what the skin is telling you it needs. If your teen skin is dry, then address that with an appropriate routine. If Acne is involved, look at how to balance out the oil production and feed the skin with EFAs in the simplest way possible
  • Wear SPF always! Indoors and out, SPF is an absolute must-have in everyone’s routines and especially starting from a young age. This may help in avoiding any unwanted side-effects at a later age from excessive UV exposure

Before you get influenced by the latest trend or aesthetic bottle, we strongly encourage you or your teen to assess what your skin is telling you and dial it right back to what is simple - or even better, come and chat to us!

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